Friday, June 12, 2009

The Sickness Within - Control

I really felt for Pastor Scott on Sunday when he said he wasn't going to reveal any more stories about himself. When writing the blogs I feel the same way. Being a controlling Christian is such an oxymoron and sometimes I feel like the biggest moron. Think about it, as a Christian we are confessing that God is in control of EVERYTHING. Yet we still try to control what we fear instead of giving it to God.

So we know we have to do 3 things to lose our issues of control:

1. Surrender our fears.
2. Surrender the details.
3. Surrender our lives.

What is it that you fear? What are you so afraid of? I know so many times whatever I feared turned out to be nothing. In my mind I had made the circumstances, or possible circumstances, to be way more that what they were. I was truly making mountains out of mole hills. So much of what we fear isn't based on anything we've experienced. We say things like "what if" or "maybe", "just preparing for the worst". Instead of saying things like this so we can try and control the outcome that hasn't happened yet, why don't we start quoting the "Fear not's" in the Bible? There is one for every day of the year. That should keep us busy.

Do you worry about the details? I do. Ironically, I am not even a detail oriented person. I'm the person that notices a year later when you move the furniture around. Even still, when it comes to how my prayers might be answered, I wonder if the details have been thought through. One day when I was reading my Bible the Lord spoke to me about how He is in the details. I was reading about the Ark of the Covenant and how the Lord was instructing the Israelites to make it. I am not a handy person, so I usually get lost when reading the instructions. That is when it hit me. God totally blows my mind when He starts explaining the details to me. If you ever wonder if God is thinking about the details just start reading the Bible. All through the Bible the Lord is concerned with every detail. Trust that God has the answers, especially when you don't.

Have you surrendered your life? That's what serving God is all about. Dying to yourself daily to live for Him. Realizing that God is always in control. Knowing that He reigns over everything and that He is not surprised by anything. When could we have ever said that about ourselves?

Melissa Smith - Mid Week Minder Team

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