Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Sickness Within - Envy

Who hasn’t been envious at some point in time? Pastor Scott was correct in saying it starts when we’re young. I remember my dad comparing being envious to feeling sorry for yourself. He always taught me that no matter how bad you have it, someone else has it worse. And no matter how much you have someone will always have more.

When I was young the big show to watch to find out how “the other half” lived was Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Now everywhere you turn you are trying to be sold a life that you should want. Even MTV has a show targeted towards kids called Teen Cribs. When I see that kind of stuff on TV it really makes me ill. I am truly happy for them. The adults and teens have some really cool stuff. I would rather that they do a show about teens giving to worthy causes, or using what they have to make someone else besides themselves happy. No one is privileged just for their own purposes.

I do believe that a time when people can get envious, who don’t normally struggle with envy, is when it seems that someone else is receiving the prayer request they have been praying for. I know that I have had to check myself in this area. I can remember vividly seeing a woman in church and wanting something she had. I didn’t really know her, I just knew of her. I had no idea the life struggles she had been through and was currently going through when I thought her life must be perfect. A year later I did get to know her and found out I didn’t want her life. It wasn’t that she was a fake or putting on a face for church. Her life wasn’t without heartache she just chose not to feel sorry for herself and put her faith in God.

Isn’t that the greatest thing about God? He can give you peace in the midst of the storm that others don’t even realize you’re facing. He can put a smile on your face when the world says cry. He restores you inside and out.

Do you struggle with envy? Have you identified an area of your life that you didn’t even realize had envy? Remember that envy is unearthly, unspiritual, and of the devil. Talk about your triple threats! The challenge for those who struggle in this area to:

Not compare yourself to others.
Celebrate the blessings in someone else’s life instead of being resentful.
Embrace God’s goodness in your life instead of ignoring it.
Be thankful right now, wherever you are at. If you are reading this you have a computer, which means you have electricity. You have the opportunity to blog about what your read, which means you have freedom of speech. That’s a lot to be thankful for!

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