Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fireproof Your Marriage - Part 3

TEMPTATION....what's yours? We all have them and we all need to be real about what they are. There is no shame in being tempted, even Jesus was tempted. If you're not being tempted from time to time you're not breathing (or are not being honest). Temptations can grow into problems that consume more and more of our lives and cause crises when we allow them the time and access to our minds and bodies.

Pastor Scott talked about men and their struggles on Sunday, and touched a little on the struggles that women face. I won't elaborate any on men's struggles, since I've never been one, but I wanted to add a couple things about women. I believe that one of the greatest struggles women face comes from what I call "fantasy thinking." The fantasies can come from romance novels, soap operas, watching certain TV shows, etc. We begin to try to live out the lives of these fiction characters and expect the same from those around us. This is a recipe for disaster!

We also need to choose our friends carefully. There is a common saying among women (often older women teach it to the younger ones) that goes like this, "The first time you marry for love, and the second time you marry for money." This saying illustrates the need to be careful of who we are sharing our thoughts and feelings with. Men are not the only ones that can put destructive thoughts in your mind. This is why it is so important to have Godly women friends.

It is so important for us to remember that no matter the temptation we are facing someone else has faced it, you are not going to be tempted by something you don't have the power to resist and there is always a way out. I tell my children not to do certain things and go certain places, but if they do I will be their way out. They can call on me and I will come get them.

Maybe you have already been infected by a parasite. But you are not too far gone for the Lord to heal you! The Lord's mercies are new every day. Ask forgiveness from the Lord and forgiveness is yours. Then make the necessary changes to your life to keep moving forward. There is a famous baseball player (Josh Hamilton who came back from addictions to drugs and alcohol) that feels like he can't face his temptations by himself. So when he is on the road he takes a trusted friend with him to help battle his temptations. Everyone should find someone or a group that holds them accountable. We all need accountability.

In every sport you are always taught that the best defense is a good offense, and facing temptation is no different. To defend against temptation be prayed up, filled up with the Holy Spirit, and read your Bible. This won't stop all temptations, but you will be able to resist them!

Melissa - Mid Week Minder Team

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  1. When I think of a parasite, and the sermon that Pastor Scott taught this past Sunday, I think of how many different types of addictions there are in the world. When people speak of addictions the first thing that comes to mind is drugs, alcohol, pornography, work and things like that. Not very many people, unless you have been through it, believe that we can get addicted to a person. I was. Well, it was more like a thought about that person. I believed that I needed this person in my life, and that I could not live without them. Each time that I tried to get away, just like with any other addiction, I felt powerless. So I stayed there knowing that I was miserable and beating myself up because I just could not break free, and doing that made me feel worse. I heard when others told me to get out, and I knew in my heart that I should have, but it was easier said than done. Who was going to help me? How was I going to do it alone? I didn't know where I was going to go, or what I was going to do. I was lost, helpless, pitiful and stuck. I believed that this person was the only one who could save me.

    Now I realize that I was wrong. My Heavenly Father sent His Son many, many years ago and He died on the Cross to save me. I was saved, chosen, predestinated, justified, glorified and sanctified long before I was even a thought to my earthly father and mother. Who was going to provide for me when I needed it? Jehovah Jireh, my Provider? Who was going to protect me? Jehovah Nissi, my Banner. Who was going to comfort me when I am feeling depressed, lonely and defeated? Jehovah Shammah, the One who Is There. Who was going to tell me where to go when I felt lost? Jehovah Roi, my Sheppard. Who is going to calm me when I am fearful and scared? Jehovah Shalom, my Peace. My wonderful, wonderful peace. The peace that surpasses all understanding. The peace that keeps my life in order so that I can hear Him. That peace that I have come to protect with all my might. That peace that strenghtens me in every situation so that I can move forward. Thank God that He is Might to save, because He broke that soul tie, that chain of addiction that I had to that person, and He set me free. Now I know what it means when we say "whom the Son has set free is truely free indeed". I never knew that life could be so happy, and I could be so secure in anything. The Lord really is my Shepard and I do not want anything but His Will for my life from this point forward.