Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fireproof Your Marriage - Part 4


Are you going to let Satan outwit you, or are you going to forgive someone? How often do we forget that unforgiveness opens the door for Satan in your life? I don't know about you, but I have enough struggles in my life and I don't need Satan creeping in the backdoor.

Pastor Scott gave us 7 ways to forgive:
1. Make a decision to forgive.
2. Say the words - at least to yourself.
3. When you forgive, do just that - forgive.
4. Forgive completely.
5. Forgive repeatedly.
6. Remember that forgiving doesn't mean forgetting.
7. Remember that forgiveness doesn't mean trusting.

Forgiveness is free. It cannot be earned. We cannot confuse forgiveness with trust. Trust can't be given it must be earned. They are not the same. Just because you may struggle to trust someone doesn't mean you have the right to with hold forgiveness towards them.

Let us never forget that the Lord forgave us before we ever asked and is faithful to continue forgiving when we do ask. Pay it forward and forgive others the way the Lord forgave you.

Remember, Jesus taught us in the Lords Prayer to pray..."forgive us our sin "as" we forgive others..."

Another way to translate this is...

"forgive me 'Just like' I forgive others"
"forgive me 'with the same attitude' as I forgive others"
"forgive me 'with the same urgency' as I forgive others"

Melissa - Mid Week Minder Team

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